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13 May 2009: PULL THE PLUG

By the end of 2009 Goddess of Desire (the band) will stop its activities.
There are several reasons for this. Read the below statements from the band members.

Count August:
I want to stop with the band because it doesn't satisfy me anymore, and I like to put my energy into my wife, 2 kids & my merchandise business.
Over the last years it became harder and harder to bring our Heavy Metal the way it should be: with a show. Since I lost my pyro-certification and insurance we haven't been able to use pyro on stage. In addition, we had trouble keeping our female dancers in the band. Since Delilah (my wife) left in 2005 because of the birth of our daughter, it's never been the same for me anymore.
The prospect of a 5th album was fading because we didn't get any reaction on a demo we made in 2008. I don't want to put private money into a new record like I did with the previous ones, because I still need to earn back the money I spent on the recordings for Awaken Pagan Gods from the sales of that record.
The writing of new material went very slow over the last 2 years because the rehearsal sessions were cancelled many times. All in all, these are reasons which have made me decide to quit.
I think that one of the good things we achieved was that we inspired many other bands to do something special on stage, which didn't happen a lot back when we just started out.
I like to thank all Goddess fans, many of whom I've had the pleasure to meet personally.
C-ya around!

Lord Arydon:
Ever since I joined the band around 10 years ago, I had the best time ever doing our live shows. Being able to inspire and entertain so many fans has been a great honor. Having fans sing along to the music we made ourselves is undescribable.
So that's why I want to thank all the fans, in particular the ones I have met in person.
It's a shame we ended the band and too bad we didn't ever do a world tour, but I'll cherish the great times we had for the rest of my life.

The Bastard:
I joined the band in the beginning of 2003. It was a great experience from that moment on. I loved the way the band did their show and most of all that I was a part of it. It was really a dream come true. We did a lot of shows, traveled to many places where we met a lot of fans. We had great parties and lots of fun. But when you have a good time, inevitbaly there has to be an end.
About 2 years ago the signs that this would happen began to show. Personally I had a hard time dealing with this, because I think Goddess of Desire is a dream come true and I'd very much like to continue the journey we're on. But that can only be with these guys and in the way a Goddess show should be. Unfortunately that's not possible any longer.
I want to thank the fans, the bands we met, the people we partied with, the members who joined us on this journey with the band and the people who helped us over the years. The only words left to for me say are: METAL TO THE METALS AND SCREAM FOR METAL: METAL IS FOREVER!!!

Cape Fear:
I was asked to join Goddess of Desire at the end of 2004. The image of the band very much appealed to me and it was a chance for me to play gigs in different countries. For a while all went well, 2005 and 2006 were definitely great years for me.
Then gradually the first problems came to the surface. We had trouble finding female dancers, more and more often we weren't allowed to use pyro, and we didn't write much new material anymore either, which for me is very important (the creative process and all that).
Over the last two years it became obvious the motivation just wasn't there anymore. Personally, I think it's best to stop at a point where the fans still remember the band at its greatest, with the pyros and the girls, instead of being remembered in a few years as 'that band that used to have a great show'.
It's been a hell of a ride and I'm truly proud to have been a part of this great band. I thank you, Goddess fans all around the world, and I thank my fellow band members for all the great times we had!

23 Dec 2008: Fixing website


22 Jan 2008: New photos added!

Photos added from our gig on:
Metallic Noise Festival on 16 Dec 2007 in Ludwigsburg (Germany)

4 Jan 2008: New photos added!

Photos added from our gig on:
Black Rose Festival on 2 Jul 2005 in Dordrecht (Netherlands)

27 Dec 2007: New photos added!

Photos added from our gig on:
Metallic Noise Festival on 16 Dec 2007 in Ludwigsburg (Germany)

22 Nov 2007: New photos added!

Photos added from our gig on:
Theater Romein on 16 Nov 2007 in Leeuwarden (Netherlands)

8 Nov 2007: New photos added!

Photos added from our gig on:
Buk Buk on 4 Oct 2003 in Heiloo (Netherlands)

19 Oct 2007: New Album title

At some point during the weekend we played with Hirax, at the end of September, we came up with a title for our 5th record.

Here's what happened…

After the last gig we were having an afterparty with Hirax in their room at Laurent's place (Laurent was the guy that booked Hirax and Goddess in France). Me, Cape Fear and Bastard went for a smoke in another room, because the Hirax boys actually wanted to get some sleep (which of course never happened…) in the room where we were partying.

Anyway, there was a video running in this other room and The Exorcist was on (great movie, by the way!). I was just looking at the scene where the priest tries to conquer the demon by shouting 'The power of christ compels you!'. This made me think we should write a song with the title 'The power of G.O.D. compels you'. Now, Cape Fear got inspired and wrote a lyric for a new song written by him and Bastard, and this one is called 'The Power of Metal compels you'. It's about creating and wearing a Metal-jacket, in Germany known as 'Kutten'.

So, we agreed with the band that the title of our upcoming record should be:

'The Power of Metal compels you'

Hope you like it!

Count August

20 Sep 2007: Goddess of Desire trapped in Hirax soap.

The tour announced with Goddess of Desire, Fatal Embrace, Slit and Hirax has been cancelled 3 days before the tour should start.
MDM management (Conny Kittscher) from Berlin failed to get enough finances to do this tour.
The bands and clubs involved tried to save the tour, but when it came clear that the flight tickets for Hirax hadn't been paid it was not possible to get enough money together. At the end when the smoke was gone there were only 3 dates left.

28.09 CH Uster Rock City
29.09 DE Lorräch Altes Wasserwerk (metal forces festival)
30.09 FR Wattrelos Boite la Musiques

The show in Switzerland will be done by Goddess and Fatal only.
The shows in Germany and France will be done with Hirax because these 2 organizers finance the flighttickets for Hirax to come over.

We feel very sad that this tour went the way it did.

further dates
02.10 DE Bonn Klangstation (hard and heavy anniversairy fest. with Tormentor & Contradiction)
16.11 NL Theater Romein Leeuwarden
(fest. with Heidevolk, Slechtvalk and Methusalem)

11 Sep 2007: New photos added!

Photos added from our gig on:
Skullcrusher Club on 8 Sep 2007 in Dresden (Germany)

6 Sep 2007: Goddess of Desire on tour with Hirax (US)

We didn't expect to be on tour this year after the plans with Sacred Steel failed but now it's going to happen with US thrash legends HIRAX.

Due to other obligations (work and such), Lord and Cape can't be with us the whole tour, but we worked things out as follows: good old Grev Drake will play guitar during the tour; Lord Arydon will do the first two gigs with us and Cape Fear will join the band halfway through the tour.

This tour will bring us to well-known territories like Helland and Germania but it'll also take us to new grounds like France and Switzerland. We all are looking forward to see you on this tour.

20/09 Goudvishal - Arnhem/NL
21/09 Vera - Groningen/NL
22/09 BAM - Wattrelos/FR
23/09 MTC - Köln/DE
24/09 Darkside - Berlin/DE
25/09 Ballroom - Hamburg/DE
26/09 Labor - Hannover/DE
28/09 Rock City - Uster/CH
29/09 Altes Wasserwerk - Lörrach/DE

For more details, check our agenda.

Count August

27 Aug 2007: New photos added!

Check some cool pics from our gig in Kampen (Netherlands) on 25 August 2007. You can go to the gallery section of our website, or simply click here.

24 May 2007: New review added!

Review added to the concert Night of the Sick fest. on 31 Mar 2007 in Groningen (Netherlands)
Author: Lords of Metal

2 May 2007: New photos added!

Photos added from our gig on:
P3 on 27 Apr 2007 in Purmerend (Netherlands)

12 Apr 2007: New photos added!

Photos added from our gig on:
De Nieuwe Zweep on 20 Jan 2007 in Klarenbeek (Netherlands)

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